Program Perspectives: From Dr. James “Jim” Booker, Remington College Director of Education for Online Programs

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Dr. Jim Booker joined Remington College as its Director of Education for online programs six months ago. He brings with him more than 22 years of professional experience in the field of education, including 20 years as a professor and 10 years as the Regional Director of Academic Affairs for a large online university. Dr. Booker has a PhD in Education Leadership. He is a member of the Sloan Compass Group, Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society, and Phi Delta Kappa National Honor Society. Dr. Booker is based in our corporate office in Heathrow, Florida.

Q:   Dr. Booker, about how many students are currently enrolled in the online programs? What is your typical student like in terms of his or her current status, personal characteristics, and future goals?

A:    As of the end of January 2010, total enrollment in all of our online programs is expected to be about 50 students. Our students are typically working adults who represent various walks of life. Many of our students are new to higher education, with some returning to either complete their degree or add needed skills and information to their current degree. What all of our students have in common is a desire to better themselves, and so they understand the need for higher education. They’re also looking to add knowledge and skills that hopefully can advance their careers and lead to a better life for them and their families. Most of our students are currently employed, and they’ve determined that attending a “traditional” residential program is not feasible for them. Our online school makes it possible for them to return to school and affords them a level of convenience that will not compel them to give up or sacrifice any part of their already busy daily schedules.

Q:   Why do you think your academic offerings are important and valuable for students? Tell me about the advantages and benefits that students can gain from the online programs. What makes the programs unique?

A: While we cannot guarantee employment after graduating, our existing business, management, criminal justice, and paralegal programs help prepare students for entry into fields that are growing, according to government statistics. Also, many studies that I’ve examined have shown that adult students learn at an accelerated rate when they focus on one class at a time with intensive study in that one area.

Of course, many adults have family and work responsibilities that can limit when and where they can attend college courses. By offering a learning system that allows students to attend classes with certain flexibility, we are providing them with access to higher education that they might not normally have.

Our courses are different from the pure text-based courses offered by several online program providers. Incorporated into the Remington College online classes are Flash-driven lectures that include audio, written text, video clips, and knowledge checks. This interactive online “classroom” allows students with different learning styles to receive the information in a format that best fits their personal learning style. Each class includes weekly discussion, homework, quizzes, and a live meeting with the instructor, along with the interactive lectures. There are four basic elements to adult learning that Remington College’s online programs provide:

  1. Internal motivation
  2. Constant reinforcement
  3. Information retention
  4. Knowledge transference

Q:   Tell us about your instructors. What sort of experience do they bring to the table?

A: About 75 percent of our faculty members hold a doctoral or other terminal degree with an average of four years of online teaching experience. All core program (non-general education) faculty members also have at least four years of work experience in the fields they teach, with an average level of work experience of more than 15 years. All of our faculty members hold at least a master’s degree with a minimum of 15 college credits in their field.  This combination of education, work, and teaching experience provides our students with faculty members who have unique perspectives on the subjects they teach.

Q:   What are you anticipating in terms of student outcomes? What can students expect from the online programs?

A:    Students should remember that a college degree is not a leisure-time pursuit, so they should expect a demanding program. In order for students to be successful, they must stay motivated and committed to their goal of improving their life.

Bottom line: Remington College is genuinely concerned with our students’ success. The College is known for providing many services to help students succeed in their studies, and our online programs are continuing that tradition. The faculty members for our online programs are very capable, and they’re ready to provide the resources and support our students will need to help guide them toward reaching their educational goals.


The current online program offerings from Remington College are as follows:

  • Criminal Justice (Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science completion program)
  • Business Administration (Bachelor of Science) with concentrations in General Business, Marketing, Management, and Accounting
  • Organizational Management (Bachelor of Science)
  • Paralegal (Associate of Science)

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