Baton Rouge and Mobile Registrars Receive Inaugural “Remington College Registrar of the Year” Award

Baton Rouge College Registrar Carolyn Deloch and Mobile College Registrar Don Schermerhorn are the 2010 recipients of Remington College’s first-ever “Registrar of the Year” award.

Ms. Deloch’s plaque was presented to her by Baton Rouge Campus President Mike Smith. Mr. Schermerhorn received his plaque from Mobile Campus President Steve Backman. Both awards were presented at the campuses in November 2010.

Remington College Baton Rouge Carolyn Deloch

Remington College - Baton Rouge Campus Registrar Carolyn Deloch

Remington College Registrars Make a Difference in the Futures of Our Students
Remington College Master Registrar Teresa Harris commented, “These awards were based on the candidate’s overall professionalism, attention to detail, and level of dedication.

Two registrars stood out this year, so each was nominated to receive the award. Both Don and Carolyn are long-time employees, and they continue to learn and grow in their position. Simply put, they make a difference in the futures of our students.”

As to what sets Don and Carolyn apart, Ms. Harris noted, “Both genuinely love what they do, and this is not just a job to them. The student is fully and completely their number one focus.”

Baton Rouge College Registrar Displays Expertise and Dedication
In presenting Ms. Deloch with the award, Baton Rouge Campus President Mike Smith had this to say: “If there ever was a team player, it is Carolyn. Not only does she perform her duties as registrar with expertise and dedication to make sure that our students graduate on time, she is also the coordinator for all social events at the campus.

Whenever there are student events or social gatherings, Carolyn is always visible, serving food or doing whatever is asked of her. She is like a motherly figure to the students, and they greatly respect her.”

Remington College Mobile Registrar Don Schermerhorn

Remington College - Mobile Campus Registrar Don Schermerhorn

Attention to Detail and Accessibility Define Mobile College Registrar
Mobile Campus President Steve Backman noted the following about Mr. Schermerhorn: “Don has filled many positions at our Mobile Campus over the years. He has been an Admissions Representative and Acceptance Interviewer, and now he is the Registrar.

He has an easy rapport with our students, who always seek him out for advice. If a student is discouraged and is considering dropping out of school, he works with them, not just by reminding them to ‘hang in there’ and complete their program, but by communicating with them and coaching them continually to make sure they complete their program and graduate on time. This level of accessibility has proven invaluable to our student body.

Don is a very valuable resource, not only to our Campus, but also to Remington as a whole. His attention to detail and dedication to both our faculty and our administration are the reasons he was selected as a Registrar of the Year.”

Remington College applauds Ms. Deloch’s and Mr. Schermerhorn’s commitment and dedication to our students and congratulates each of them on receiving this award.

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