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Remington College Online is making a difference.

In October 2009, our first-ever virtual class consisted of 12 students. In just two short years, enrollment has increased more than tenfold, with the current population at about 130 students and growing.

Our most popular online offering is currently the Paralegal associate’s degree program, which is part of the following roster of available programs:

Student Services and Resources
Outside of their classes, Remington College’s online students have a number of resources available to them, including:

  • Live tutoring sessions for all subjects.
  • A virtual math lab, writing center, and computer lab.
  • An online library and resource center.
  • “Links for life,” a networking resource that helps introduce our students to other online students and share information.
  • Online career services, including a virtual lab that focuses on helping students develop their résumés and prepare for interviews.
  • A student coffee house/social forum.
  • Eligibility for membership in the ABK National Honor Society, based on grade point average.
  • Opportunities to take part in local community-based initiatives such in Earth Day activities, cancer walks, and the like.

Student Services Advisors Pamela King and Melissa Rosa have been providing continued support for each online student from orientation to graduation, under the guidance of Kathleen Bodine, Director of Student Services for the online programs.

Ms. King stated, “In essence, we serve as each student’s cheerleader, tutor, coach, and counselor if they have issues or concerns. Because online students don’t have a campus to go to, we work to create that community atmosphere the best we can. We customize our services to fit each student’s personal needs, and we are with them through it all.”

Recently, Remington College Online has seen its first wave of graduates from associate’s degree programs and its first graduating class from a bachelor’s program. Given that our students are based in various locations across the country, once they graduate, they can go to their nearest Remington College ground campus to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Positive Feedback from Students and Graduates
Student satisfaction is measured through brief evaluations at the end of every five-week course. Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Jeremy Owens noted, “We believe the frequent feedback is important, as it allows us to make improvements immediately if an issue is identified.”

So far, the feedback about Remington College Online has been positive. In fact, the average overall student satisfaction rate, when averaged across all terms since the inception of the online programs in 2009, is 97 percent.

Here’s what a few recent graduates had to say:*

“Of all my educational accomplishments, I am most proud of my degree from Remington. I came to Remington with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Madison College, in Madison, WI. I received an MBA in Public Administration via independent study from Concordia University. I then earned a certificate of specialization in Management and Supervisory Development from Saint Louis Community College, and one in Project Management. But the level of care and compassion I received from Remington has been something that I cannot put into words. The most important aspect of my Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Remington College was not the courses or what I learned, it was how I was treated. And I received compassion from administrators as if I were a close personal family member. I am grateful for my experience with Remington…. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for my awesome experience!”
–  Tauvaris J. Moore, August 2011 Graduate, BS in Organizational Management

“I’m quite proud to be graduating from Remington. I’ve had to work my tail off to get good grades, but I’ve loved every minute of it. Had it been easy, I would not have enjoyed it or learned from it. I have found Remington to be a very caring college, too. I don’t feel like a number or an anonymous student lost in a huge class. I believe I’ve grown and improved, and that’s what higher education is all about. I would like to thank the staff at Remington Online for your dedication and encouragement.”
–  Marti Foddrill, May 2011 Graduate, Paralegal Associate’s Degree

In sharing his impressions on the progress of online programs and what is planned for the future, Dr. Owens said, “We are pleased with the response to our programs and with the growth we’ve seen over the last two years. In the near future, we’ll continue to expand the states that we’re enrolling students in. We also plan on expanding our program portfolio over the next few years.”

* Graduate testimonials represent the individual experiences of Remington College graduates. Results may vary.

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