Remington College Online Student Wins Scholarship for Single Parents

Remington College Criminal Justice student and scholarship winner Mary Nadeau.

Mary Nadeau is determined not to let anything stand in her way as she works toward a better future.

Mary, a Connecticut resident, is currently a student in Remington College’s online Criminal Justice associate’s degree program.

Despite being a working single mom with two sons (Lenny, 3, and Ethan, 1), a recent diagnosis of dyslexia, the robbery of her apartment, a car accident, and a week and a half without electricity during which she found a way to text in a writing assignment despite no Internet connection, Mary is focused like a laser beam on overcoming every obstacle on her way toward finding personal and career success.

And her path to success just got easier, thanks to an assist by her supportive online program team at Remington College.

Inaugural Winner of Scholarship for Single Parents
On December 1, 2011, Mary was awarded a $10,000 scholarship: the “Online Support a Student Scholarship” for single parents.

This scholarship, the first-ever and only one of its kind awarded in 2011, was created by Education Aid, Inc., based in Tenafly, New Jersey, and is funded by to help single parents like Mary who are enrolled at accredited online post-secondary institutions like Remington College.

Mary will be awarded $10,000 toward non-tuition-related living expenses for the January 2012 academic year, including:

  • Rent.
  • Childcare.
  • Books and school supplies.
  • Utilities (gas, electric, Internet).
  • Groceries.

Reaction on Learning of Scholarship Win
Mary currently works at a local Subway store and is in the manager-training program there. In expressing her thoughts on hearing she had won the scholarship, she said, “At first, I couldn’t even believe it. When I realized it was real, I felt the weight of stress just lift off me. This $10,000 scholarship will help in so many ways.”

“Now, I can know that my rent is paid on time. I will have a computer that is mine that no one can take away from me. I can give my kids a better life. I can sleep at night knowing that my money problems will be no more. Now, my kids can see their mommy smile and not cry.”

Mary credits Remington College’s online program Student Finance Associate Diana Crump, Admissions Representative Reean Bilu, and Student Services Advisor Pamela King with alerting her to the scholarship opportunity and the deadline for applying, and for just being there to listen and lend a hand.

She said, “They have been so supportive and encouraging, and they’ve helped me every step of the way.”

Future Plans for Online Criminal Justice Student at Remington College
Mary reflected on her decision to enroll in Remington College’s online Criminal Justice program and spoke about her future plans.

“Before, I was spending 60 dollars a week on gas just going back and forth to school. I was missing out on so much with my kids that I just felt it was not right. So I did some looking and found Remington. And I can honestly say this school is the best.”(1)

Mary’s current GPA is 3.25, “but I’m working hard to get to a 4.0,” she said, adding, “I would one day like to work at a courthouse, in a courtroom environment, so I would like to stay with Remington and get more schooling in criminal justice and the law.”

We at Remington Colleges, Inc., congratulate Mary Nadeau on her scholarship award and wish her continued success as she pursues her future in criminal justice.

For more information on this and future Education Aid/ scholarships, please visit


(1)  Reflects the individual experience of this Remington College student. Results may vary. Employment upon graduation is not guaranteed.

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