Mobile Campus Director of Admissions Is a Man of Many Roles

Mobile Campus Director of Admissions Brent Malveaux

Mobile Campus Director of Admissions Brent Malveaux

As a 10-year veteran employee of Remington College, Mobile Campus Director of Admissions Brent Malveaux has had a number of roles: first as an Admissions Representative, and later, as leader, coach/mentor, and chief motivator for his very dedicated Admissions team.

Outside of Remington College, Mr. Malveaux has other hugely important roles: that of husband, father to three children, and active, faithful member of his community.

In one such community-based role, Mr. Malveaux is coach of a youth basketball team made up of 6- and 7-year-old boys and girls. In addition, one of Mr. Malveaux’s former roles included a four-year stint in the U.S. Air Force.

Just recently, however, Mr. Malveaux was recruited into a completely different role – one that he had never before thought about or aspired to, but one that has proven he has the chops to succeed: lead dramatic actor for the Joe Jefferson Players, a local theater company in Mobile.

Mr. Malveaux explains how the opportunity first presented itself:
“My daughter Bailey, who is 11, is the one involved in dance, theater, acting, and modeling. It so happened that she was auditioning for a part in a play called ‘Fences.’ As my wife and I sat in the audience watching the audition process, the director came by and asked me if I could help the people auditioning by reading a few lines from one of the other characters. So I did.

Long story short, the director asked if I could come back the next day and do it again, and I told him I wasn’t sure. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking to go back. I wasn’t really there for me. But, the director was persistent, and so I reluctantly said ‘OK.’ A short time later, he contacted me and said that he would like to cast me in the lead role of Troy in August Wilson’s Pulitzer- and Tony-award-winning play.”

As Troy, the Male Lead in “Fences”
Mr. Malveaux was initially astounded at the prospect. ““Are you crazy?” was his immediate response to the director, followed by: “Do you know what you’re doing? I have never acted before.” Undaunted, the director simply replied, “You’ll be fine.”

As it turns out, the director was right.

“It’s been a long journey and lots of late weekends,” said Mr. Malveaux, adding, “This is by far one of the toughest projects I have ever put my mind to, and the work is extremely exhausting. In fact, for the past few months, my brain has felt like it’s been going through a P90X extreme workout program.”

“Fences” ran for two weekends at the Joe Jefferson Playhouse in Mobile, on November 4 through 6 and again on November 11 through 13, 2011.

Mr. Malveaux reflected on his inaugural experience in the theater. “My participation in the play really taught me how listening is critical to success in that industry, and in so many others. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with this type of work, but I can say that I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity,” he said, adding, “I could really get used to signing autographs, though.”

As the Director of Admissions at Remington College in Mobile
In his regular role at our Mobile Campus, Mr. Malveaux remains very proud of his admissions team and enjoys his role as a mentor. “The techniques I’ve used to aid my success I believe are helping my team to achieve their own successes. I try to instill in them to work with a sense of purpose, a sense of passion to change people lives and to always be the example of leadership.”

Mr. Malveaux credits his family, especially his mother, with helping to instill in him a strong drive to succeed. “My mother has always impressed upon me the importance of a solid education, so I too have a passion to see others achieve their educational goals. My personal goal is to grow the Mobile Campus to maximum capacity and hopefully in the near future add other exciting programs that will help to create future job opportunities for our students and graduates.”

Finally, Mr. Malveaux reflected on what he believes makes Remington College stand out. “I believe it’s the hard work and sincerity of the employees who work at Remington College. I enjoy everything about working at Remington College, because I’m a part of a system that helps to transform people who may battle with low self-esteem at the beginning of their journey and toward the end have the confidence to achieve whatever comes their way.”

He added, “We’re a part of a special work system in that a student may take the learning received from Remington College to strive for a higher position in the medical field, or possibly work themselves up in an engineering company or in the computer or business field. And one day, you may have that same student come up to you and say, ‘Thank you for your inspiring words and for pushing me to do better.’ A human being just can’t ask for a better testimonial than that.”

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