Ridgewood Middle-School Visitors Get Career Insights at Shreveport College

Contributed by Dr. Katie Reynolds, Director of Education

On Friday, February 3, 2012, Remington College – Shreveport Campus was pleased to host 42 middle-school students for a presentation about our educational programs.

Due to a recent change in the kindergarten through 12th-grade requirements of the Caddo Parish School District, each ninth-grader must have a career plan on file with the district. In an effort to provide a well-rounded opportunity from which middle-school students can choose, Laura Murphy, the Career Development Instructor at Ridgewood Middle School, in Shreveport, met with Jerry Driskill and Dr. Katie Reynolds to plan some interactive presentations.

Middle schoolers try out surgical masks and caps.

The middle-schoolers were divided into two groups and took turns meeting with Remington College – Shreveport Campus representatives from each program.

Presentations for Ridgewood Middle-Schoolers
Our Criminal Justice program representatives showed the middle-schoolers handcuffing techniques and talked with them about blood detection methods.

Our Medical Assisting program representatives used a contemporary rap to help explain the parts of the body. They also showed our middle-schoolers proper hand-washing techniques after equipping them with surgical masks and caps.

The group then attended a business presentation and got some insights into how to manage their money going forward.

Next, the group delved into the world of electronic technology by learning about how electronic bug devices are constructed.

Last, they were entertained with a skit narrated by lead Medical Billing and Coding (MBC) Instructor Tammy Lucus. The skit featured MBC Instructor Elaine Owen as a country girl who was visiting a doctor, played by Executive Assistant Grace Winter. Our group of middle-schoolers got to interact with the participants and learn about how to code the specific problems our country girl encountered while fixing her fence.

Enjoyable and Enlightening Visit
After the group’s visit, Ms. Murphy contacted Dr. Reynolds to express her appreciation for the middle-schoolers’ experience. Ms. Murphy wrote, “Thank you so much for the professional presentations. My students really enjoyed the experience and have been talking about it since we got back! I hope we can do it again next year!  Thank you again.”

Dr. Reynolds said, “This kind of interactive presentation has lit a spark in these students to start thinking about their career paths and hopefully consider Remington College for their education. It was fun, motivating, and inspiring to see how the staff and faculty pulled together for this event.”

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