Colorado Springs Pharmacy Technician Students Give New Meaning to “Digesting What You Learn”

Students Eat Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Liver, and More (and Enjoy Them)!

Before we go any further, let us put your mind at ease: We’re not training a bunch of cannibals at our Pharmacy Technician program in Colorado Springs.

But our students in Ms. Nicole Theriault’s PHAT153 Anatomy and Physiology class did get to enjoy learning about – and eventually eating – some of the organs being discussed in the classroom.

The edible biliary system (yum!), including the liver and gall bladder with stones of various types which are depicted by different colors; also shown: pancreas and partial stomach.

Eating representative models made out of cake, that is.

Now that you’ve resumed breathing again, here are some details:

The purpose of this project, which took place during Module C1202-4 (the February 2012 module) was to help students learn to identify body structures, pathologies, and treatments.

Whose idea was it to create the cakes?
Students Olivia Saxey, David Beals, and Edgar Marshall had the initial idea, with the baking and frosting painstakingly done by Olivia.

What did students learn from this event?
Well, for starters, students learned about the workings of the biliary system and more details about gallbladder, pancreas, and liver functions, pathologies, treatments, and medication interactions.

Model of eye diseases/pathologies.

Of course, the baked-goods project also took planning and teamwork in creating and assembling the pieces. All that, and Olivia honed her baking and cake-decorating skills in the process.

Other students in the same class also created a model showcasing various diseases or problems of the eye. On the plus side, at least their model wasn’t made of cake. (Apparently our Colorado Springs students draw the line at eating eyeballs.)

Students Goray McDevitt, Michelle Metzler, and Felicia Clark-Johnson helmed the eyeball project, whose purpose was to help students identify the functions, pathologies, treatments, and medication interactions associated with the eye. Production of the model also included interactive teamwork.

We just wish you could have seen it all – er, well – live. All of it was quite disgusting to look at, and the cakes even had a bit of a slimy look to them, you might say – but they were very enjoyable!” said Director of Education Grace Trujillo.

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