Recognizing Teacher Appreciation Week: A Letter from Dr. Mike Lanouette

Dear Remington College students,

I have always wondered about the real need for all the atypical “appreciation days” like National Mole Day, National Drive Friendly Week, National Novel Writing Week, or National Chocolate Day (ok, that last one makes sense.) Did a bunch of mole-lovers get together and say, “Hey, what about our day?”

So why is Teacher Appreciation Week important?

As the Director of Education in Dallas (Dr. Billy Ferrell) has stated, “Every day is teacher appreciation day.

I truly hope each and every teacher at Remington College feels appreciated everyday by the lights that go on over their students’ heads and the knowledge that what they are doing everyday can lead to positively changing their students’ lives for the better.

With that in mind, our faculty do so much more than the word “teach” can convey.

  • They inspire students to believe in themselves and achieve their educational goals and dreams.
  • They motivate students to make time for their studies as they juggle the demands of everyday life.
  • They know when to offer a kind word and when to offer some tough love.

As an employee of Remington College that has been heavily involved with teaching for the past 26 years, I can proudly say that at Remington College, we share our wealth of knowledge and years of real-world experience with our students who may be eager to follow a similar path.

Our instructors have a passion not only for teaching but also for doing – whether it’s showing how to give a great haircut, fix a computer, or work with patients in a medical setting, we are focused on helping the next generation make their mark in the world.

All this being said, I am glad there is a “Teacher Appreciation Week” if only to remind us all to stop and thank all teachers who do such a tremendous job every day for our students.

Never forget, what you do is so very important. How important? Remember, teaching is the only profession that teaches all other professions. It doesn’t get more special and important than that.

Please take a moment to let your instructors and the faculty on-campus know how much you appreciate them this week. Whether it’s with a simple thank you, an email, Facebook posting on the Remington College account, or a card, I guarantee they will appreciate it.

Dr. Mike Lanouette
Chief Academic Officer
Remington College

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