Graduate Profile: Jamie Vares, October 2010 Honolulu Massage Therapy Graduate

Contributed by Paolo Dela Cruz, Career Services

We at Today enjoy sharing our graduates’ success stories. This inspirational profile features Honolulu Massage Therapy graduate Jamie Vares, as told to us in her own words.

A “selfie” (self-portrait) taken by Jamie Vares. We just love that smile!

A “selfie” (self-portrait) taken by Jamie Vares. We just love that smile!

Jamie’s timeline:

  • October 14, 2010: Graduated from our Honolulu Campus’s Massage Therapy diploma program.(1)
  • March 2011: Obtained her massage license and started working at Oda Ohana Chiropractic, in Honolulu.(2)
  • September 2012: Started her own massage therapy practice in the Aiea Medical Building.
  • October 2012: Left Oda Ohana Chiropractic.
  • January 2013: Was hired at Laniwai Spa as a part-time massage therapist. The spa is part of the Disney-owned Aulani Resort and Spa, in Aiea, Hawaii.(2)

Why Jamie decided to make a change and how she persevered to achieve success:
“Before joining the program at Remington, I had worked at GameStop for seven years. I had two children, and I wanted to have more time to raise my children and make something of myself to make my whole family proud.

Everyone at Remington really took the time to answer our questions and help us understand the information we needed to learn to sufficiently get ahead in our career. The experience that each instructor had within the field of massage was the most helpful to me in finding a job and applying the learned techniques to my massage, my business – and my everyday life.”(2)

Why Jamie chose Remington College:
“I chose Remington because everyone was so friendly. I felt comfortable asking questions, and in class, the support of my fellow classmates made all the difference. The kinship of our class has carried on to this day.”(2)

Jamie’s favorite class was Advanced Modalities, and she credits the time and attention offered by her instructors in helping her understand, apply, and achieve.

“Ms. Lorrie Wong taught us deep tissue and, with the expertise of Ms. Katherine Julia, taught us prenatal, post-partum, and neonatal massage.  Most of my clients really compliment the way I do deep tissue, and I really owe that to Ms. Lorrie and Ms. Julia, who showed me very effective deep-tissue techniques.

Ms. Lani (who also gave us a very inspirational intro to Lomilomi) and Mr. Ray (who also taught us excellent Swedish techniques) had a huge impact on the way I market myself and professionally present myself to clients. I’ve had so many compliments just from the way I present myself in a professional way.

Ms. Cherie-Lyn helped us to really prepare for our state exam and for the real world of massage. And Ms. Han gave us an excellent visual of the muscles and attachment points on the bony processes in the body.

All the teachers really made the difference, because they are very passionate about what they do. They ‘stoked the fire’ in the people who were willing to learn. They obviously put in extra hard work to help us understand, and they stayed after class was over to answer additional questions we had as their students. They exuded true ‘aloha’ in the classroom setting.”(2)

What has changed for Jamie because of her career success:
“I have more time for my children. I can concentrate on my relationships (not just with my husband but also with my family and friends). I have become a more responsible individual, and I’ve learned to prioritize what really matters most to me.”(2) 

Jamie’s current and future outlook:
“Things are looking great! I love to market my own business when I have free time. I can spend more time with my children. I know what I want to do with my life and what I’d like to learn next.

 I’d like to stay part-time at Aulani because it’s fun. I feel like I’m learning everything they’re willing to teach me, which is a lot! As far as my personal practice goes, I’d like to start to concentrate on the elderly community. Eventually, I would like to work with senior healthcare providers to provide therapeutic massage to active and sedentary seniors.”(2)

Jamie’s words of wisdom to other students and graduates:
“The difference between success and failure in anything is your attitude and level of knowledge.  If you are open to learning more, you will be open to more opportunity.”

All of us at Today congratulate Jamie Vares and wholeheartedly celebrate her achievements and successes. (And, we have the distinct feeling that this positive trend will continue for Jamie long into the future!)


(1) Massage Therapy License # MAE-2809.

(2) Individual results may vary. Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.
State licensure or certification may be required.


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