HVAC Bid Project Offers Hands-on Training in Fort Worth

One of the most critical factors in the success of any training program is to have qualified instructors who have experience in the field and can engage students. John Manley is such an instructor, and he has been sharing his real-world experience with students every day since joining the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) diploma program at the Fort Worth Campus in December 2013.

Fort Worth HVAC Instructor John Manley.

Fort Worth HVAC Instructor John Manley.

In his Commercial HVAC Systems class, Mr. Manley initiated a new project for his group of HVAC students. The project was set up to help students learn how to provide customer service and gain a sense of professionalism and confidence in setting up the bidding process for a particular HVAC job. Students were required to create, from start to finish, a bid to install a new icemaker unit.(1) 

Tools of the Trade
First, Mr. Manley taught his students how to use an Excel spreadsheet to create a blank bid form for estimates on materials, job location, prices, labor, and other charges. He encouraged his students to use the Internet to find bids they could use as examples and familiarize themselves with the layout.

Second, students learned about the types of tools, supplies, and miscellaneous materials needed for the job.

Third, students submitted their bids to Mr. Manley for review, after which he submitted them to his supervisor, HVAC Program Chair Larry Oglesby, for further review. Once both reviews were completed, the bids were submitted to Director of Education Don McLaughlin for final review and approval.

Project Foreman to Be Selected
After the reviews have been completed, the best bid will be selected, and that student will be appointed foreman.  The foreman will then select a team to complete the job.

Mr. Manley said, “I saw a great opportunity here to show my students real-world experience.” He felt that students needed this experience because once they are in the field and are using their knowledge, they will need to know how to create bids for prospective customers. (2)

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Manley, they will now be prepared to do so when needed.


1.      Individual results may vary.
2.      Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.

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