Admissions Support Profile: Team Leader Sarah A. Campbell

Admissions Support Team Leader Sarah Campbell

Admissions Support Team Leader Sarah Campbell

Admissions Support Team Leader Sarah Campbell started with Remington College in October 2007 and works at our home office, in Heathrow, Florida.(1) Sarah’s belief in continual learning is evident. Since beginning with the College, she has earned an associate’s degree in advanced therapeutic massage. She also holds an active license in massage therapy and is still in the process of completing her undergraduate studies in biology. That has taken a backseat temporarily, while she is currently enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Assistant online degree program at Remington College.

She also has a few years of classical voice training and she has competed locally and taken top place in her category. By virtue of her voice teacher, she had the wonderful chance to participate in a master class with Soprano Stella Zambalis.

Sarah is a native of Flushing, which is part of the borough of Queens, New York.

Sarah’s Admissions Support Activities at Remington College
As an Admissions Support Team Leader, Sarah  is involved in a variety of tasks related to working with prospective students via telephone. She works with our resident specialist on the software that manages the inbound and outbound call volumes. She also works with the rest of management to help the Remington College team best assist our potential students. During busier periods, team leaders like Sarah also spend time on the phone setting appointments for campus tours.

Sarah finds the management of information within our database as well as strategies for assisting our prospective students as the most fascinating parts of her job. For her, the most rewarding aspect of her position is having the opportunity to help individuals who may have been disheartened, downtrodden, or otherwise doubt their ability to succeed in life. She realizes that the hands-on training we offer has the potential to enable those who have had some prior difficulty in school pursue a different route to their goals.(1)

How Sarah’s Background and Experiences Enhance Her Approach
Being a current Remington College student, Sarah brings a unique perspective to her role. Knowing well what being a student is all about, she can relate easily with others who may be contemplating a change in their own lives.

She also draws on her prior background in retail pharmacy to bring a strong customer service influence to her current role. Additionally, as a massage therapist, she understands that empathy and compassion are integral to successful interactions and to building effective relationships.

As to continual learning, Sarah is a strong believer that you can never know enough. There is always something to be learned from everyone who crosses your path. Personal goals that have helped her include being open to learning and to constructive feedback, keeping an open mind, planning, and always being as prepared as possible for any eventuality.

For Sarah, what started off simply as a way to make ends meet has become a positive experience that’s fostered professional and personal growth. It has also made her aware of the education industry from both ends, not only as a student but also from the perspective of the daily planning and work that goes on behind the scenes.(1)

Sarah is a great example of focused dedication, and her beliefs in lifelong learning, along with her numerous accomplishments, are a true inspiration to those around her.(1)


If you have questions about the Remington College admissions process or would like more information, Sarah and her colleagues are always happy to speak with you. Just give them a call at 1-800-560-6192.

1.  Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates. Individual results may vary.

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