Graduate Profile: Mobile CADD Graduate Jessica Scarbrough

Contributed by Gene Guined, CADD Instructor and Program Chair

2011 Mobile CADD Graduate Jessica Scarbrough

2011 Mobile CADD Graduate Jessica Scarbrough

We at Remington College always enjoy hearing about how someone’s life has changed after graduating from one of our programs.(1)

Another very inspiring story comes to us from Jessica Scarbrough, a 2011 Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) graduate from our Mobile Campus.

Jessica’s highlights:

  • Graduation Date:   November 2011
  • Final CGPA:            4.00
  • Honors:                   President’s List, Perfect Attendance,
                                     Albertus Haasdijk Outstanding Student Award,
                                     Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society
  • Current Job:          Document Control Specialist
  • Employer:               ThyssenKrupp Steel USA in Calvert, AL

Making the decision:
Jessica said, “Before I enrolled at Remington College in the CADD program, I was enrolled at the University of South Alabama, studying Human Resources Management. I was never satisfied with the idea of becoming an HRM and knew I wanted to do something else with my life. That’s when I decided to enroll at Remington College.”

Jessica’s friend had taken the same course a couple of years before. She noted, “I was always intrigued by what he had learned and the possibilities that were ahead of him as a result.(1)  I knew I had to give it a try.”

She had to drive a little over an hour every day and had just had a baby a few months before starting. “But,” she adds, “In the end, after all my hard work and perseverance, it was well worth it.”

Jessica’s experience at Remington College:
She said, “The skill set that Remington College has in place is a great tool in the CADD field. As the world and job market is ever changing, Remington College adjusts its curriculum to adapt to the current markets and situations. The knowledge/education you receive is never outdated or useless.”

About the CADD program, Jessica said, “The learning atmosphere and environment is more focused. All work is team based, and asking for help is easy. My favorite classes were Pipes and Piping, Civil Drafting and Mapping, and Architectural Drafting.” Something else that I really liked about Remington College’s CADD program is that just prior to graduation, all students created a portfolio of our accomplishments and a portfolio of our best work. I especially liked this because I was able to show all of my potential employers the level of work I was capable of doing.”(1)

As to feeling ready for the real world upon graduation, Jessica said, “I also really liked the interview preparation I received from the Career Services Department. When it was time for me to go to my first interview, I was relaxed and prepared.”(1)

The result of hard work and dedication:
Jessica related her next steps upon graduating: “I returned to Remington College to be a Teaching/Lab Assistant for Gene Guined. I helped mostly with the first module, beginning class.” She continued to look for work in the field and went to a few interviews; while she was offered jobs, she turned them down initially.(1)

She related what happened in one particular instance: “I was out of town and received a call to interview for a company in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I had applied for a position with them three or four months prior to getting a call, and honestly, I had forgotten about it. I almost talked myself out of going because it was a one-and-a-half-hour drive one way from my house to the company. But I decided to go and see what they had to offer, and I’m glad I did. In May 2012, I took a position with them as a Technician II and within seven months, I was promoted to Designer III. I did natural gas pipeline drafting and I felt that the training I received at Remington College was good preparation.”(1)

In August 2013, she started a new chapter in her career at ThyssenKrupp Steel USA in Calvert, Alabama. She told us about her role there: “I’m a Document Control Specialist in the Infrastructure Department, and I’m in charge of our Master Site Plan and Document Database Software.”(1)

She added that she enjoys her current job and looks forward to what the future holds for her. And she had this to say as well: “To everyone at Remington College who played a part in molding me into the person I am today, thank you! I enjoyed every minute of every day at Remington College.”

We at Remington College are so happy to hear of Jessica’s achievements and wish her continued success as she continues her very promising CADD career.(1)

To learn more about Remington College’s 12-month(2) CADD diploma program in Mobile, Alabama, click here.


1.    Individual results may vary. Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.
2.   Program completion times may vary based on individual performance/circumstances.

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