Graduate Spotlight: Mobile 2014 MBC Graduate Krystal Sterling

Contributed by Kristy King, Director of Career Services

Mobile MBC Graduate Krystal Sterling.

Mobile MBC Graduate Krystal Sterling.

Another great graduate success story comes to us from our Mobile Campus, spotlighting 2014 Medical Billing and Coding graduate Krystal Sterling.

Krystal’s Highlights
Graduaton Date:   January 7, 2014
Final CGPA:            4.0
Current Job:           Front Office Coordinator
Employer:                Bay Area Balance and Rehab, Mobile, AL

Beginning her first job in the healthcare field
“I was surprised that it happened very quickly. Career Services worked with me, and I had an interview and was hired within one day of completing my externship.(1)  Additionally, I am surprised by the patients I work with daily. Some of them have been born with the disease that we are treating and others have had accidents that caused injuries that, by all accounts, should have killed them. They continually amaze me. It is definitely not your everyday ‘8-to-5’job!”(1)

Most challenging part of the job
“For me personally, the most challenging part of my position is managing all of the billing for a large practice in an efficient and timely manner.”

Instructor or class that prepared Krystal the most
 “The person who helped prepare me the most was Mrs. Brown. She taught me to not trust the computerized billing wholeheartedly and to learn to trust my resources like my CPT and ICD-9 books. I can’t tell you how many times that has saved me in the position I have!”(1)

Words of wisdom for current students
“Be committed. You may be used to coming in late to class or just doing things halfway, but the real world is not like that. Most days, I’m at work 45 minutes before my shift starts, and most days I’m one of the last people to leave. I don’t do that for overtime pay. I do that because it is necessary to get my job done the right way. Responsibility is the key to success. Time and effort pay off.”(1)

“I want to thank my boss, Mr. Eric Dekle, with Bay Area Balance and Rehab, for taking a chance on a brand new graduate and seeing my potential. I also want to thank Dr. McCall for always believing in my abilities and never letting me give up on that. Every instructor I had helped me get to where I am today, and I cannot thank them enough!”(1)


1.  Individual results may vary. Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.

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