Inaugural HVAC Class Graduates at Cleveland Campus

L to R: Guy Rondo Jr., Christopher Walker, Ray Howard Jr., Rondaish Worley, Tyrone Reeves, Vyacheslav "Steve" Reyzin.

L to R: Guy Rondo Jr., Christopher Walker, Ray Howard Jr., Rondaish Worley, Tyrone Reeves, Vyacheslav “Steve” Reyzin.

Congratulations to our very first group of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) graduates at the Cleveland Campus! They completed their program of study on June 12, 2014, and will return to the Campus for their graduation ceremony on October 24.

To commemorate this occasion, we asked the graduates and HVAC Program Chair Shaan Colyer to share their thoughts on the program and what it has meant to them.

Mr. Colyer helped to launch Cleveland’s HVAC diploma program in April 2013. His background includes 25 years of experience in a variety of residential and commercial capacities, including a role as Senior HVAC Technician at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. He also has several years of experience teaching HVAC classes at the community college level and at a state-run institution.

Mr. Colyer’s educational background includes an AAS degree in HVAC Technology from Mott Community College in Flint, MI. He is currently completing his bachelor’s degree in HVACR Engineering Technology from Ferris State University, holds several HVAC-related certifications, and is a proctor for the EPA 608 Certification, R410a Certification, and several other industry-related certifications.

Thoughts from Our HVAC Graduates in Cleveland
Remington College’s HVAC program is designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs in the HVAC industry. Our graduates had this to say about their learning experiences: (1)

From Guy Rondo: “The classes were fun, and we learned lots of new things at a pace that was good for everyone in the class.”

Chris Walker said: “This is a great program with very good instructors. I’ve learned a lot of critical skills that are necessary to being a successful technician.”

Ray Howard noted: “There was a lot of hands-on activity in class to get us ready to enter the field.”

From Ron Worley: “Before I started, I thought superheat was just another way of saying it was a hot day. I’ve learned so many things, I don’t even know where to start. It is a wonderful program.”

Tyrone Reeves said: “The classes were very in-depth and very challenging. I think the program gives you plenty of knowledge and skills to compete in this field.”

Steve Reyzin commented: “I learned a lot of new technology. I thought the program was well organized, and the school has a great program chair.”

Everyone’s goal, of course, is to work with our Career Services team in Cleveland to find employment in the field so they can apply their learned skills successfully.(1)

Additional Thoughts from Mr. Colyer
“The feedback so far from our HVAC community in the greater Cleveland area has been overwhelming.” He adds, “Local HVAC professionals have commented that we have a stellar HVAC training facility and an excellent staff. They also feel that our curriculum is sufficient to meet students’ needs. Additionally, they appreciate program details like the background checks we require and the professionalism we instill with uniforms, dress codes, ID badges, attendance policies, and safety procedures.”

Mr. Colyer states, “HVAC is one of my greatest passions. As sad as I am to see this first set of students go, I’m so excited about what awaits them in our field. I’ve not only enjoyed teaching them but also feel like I’ve been a part of something bigger. The dedication and hard work they showed in completing their training is proof they will succeed. I’m also excited for the HVAC community, as I believe these talented young men have a lot to offer.”(1)

All of us at Remington College send best wishes to this inaugural HVAC group in Cleveland — and to all our graduates — as they take their next important steps after graduating. Way to go, graduates!


1. Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates. Individual results may vary.

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