Updated Learning Resource Center Addresses Fort Worth Campus Needs

Contributed by Haley Kral, Campus Learning Resource System Manager

New-look Fort Worth Learning Resource Center.

New-look Fort Worth Learning Resource Center.

Earlier this year, our Fort Worth Campus opened an expanded library, referred to as the Learning Resource Center (LRC). The updated LRC is larger and offers more amenities to students and faculty. It also features 16 computers for staff, students, and alumni, along with a printer. The LRC currently houses more than 1,200 books in print as well as subscriptions to more than 25 periodical titles. The larger area offers room for expansion as well to further support our students’ learning goals.

Some of the LRC’s brand new features include work tables, a laptop area, and a study room. The study room provides a private area that students or faculty can use for group study sessions or meetings without disturbing any of the other activities occurring nearby.

Students have already begun to take advantage of the option to spread out as they work, now that they have ample table space. As a result, the LRC has seen increased visits and book circulation.

Fort Worth Facilities Manager Anthony Ordille coordinated the remodeling and move to the new space. Mr. Ordille created a space that is both very appealing and very functional in facilitating student learning. Learning Resources Manager Haley Kral oversaw the move and the reorganization of the library collection.

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